Embodied Revolution is a revolution of coming back home to your true nature..

The essence of the somatic approach to coaching & embodiment work.

SOMA means body in greek and somatics refers to the inner dialogue with the intelligence of the body and its cellular memory. 

As children, we learn how to experience the world through all of the senses in our bodies.

As adults, we still use our sensory systems mainly to orient to pleasure or escape danger. 

Experiencing the world through our bodies is a primal way of being in the world. It determines our thoughts, emotional states and actions. 

Every day 80 % of information that travels to our brain is sourced from the body, and 20 % is carried from the brain to the body. 

When we are disconnected from the body, we are disconnected from the ability to receive important information that is being sent from the body to our conscious awareness.

Because most of the conceptual approaches to coaching are only focused on the mind, results are short-lived and more difficult to achieve. The inquiry of somatic coaching acknowledges the connection between the psyche & our biology, physiology and neurobiology bringing more wholeness, a felt sense of safety and long-lasting results.

Embodiment is a process of integrating parts of ourselves, feeling, sensing and realising their connection to the whole.

It is simply a way of being in the world. 

It is a lifestyle devoted to coming back home to safety, presence, pleasure and wholeness.

To embody means to manifest. To make changes and new ways of being in the world tangible, visible and real.

Are you ready to tap into the wisdom of your body, actualise your full potential and manifest your heart desires through somatics and potent embodiment tools?

Let's get intimate with each other..

Hi, my name is Aneta.

I'm a trauma-informed Somatic & Sensual Empowerment Coach, and Embodied Dance Facilitator.

My mission is to guide men & women through a process of reclaiming their self-worth, self-leadership, and inner wisdom of the body through somatic coaching and embodied movement.

The trauma-informed somatic approach acknowledges the connection between the psyche & our biology bringing more wholeness, a felt sense of safety and connection to your true authentic essence. I am also passionate about integrating the ashamed & denied part of ourselves (shadows) through the nervous system and everything related to the eros of life.

Why is this work so important to me?

I used to live on functional freeze response for almost my entire life. I often felt shame for being “too sensual”, or “too emotional” so I shut it down.

It was never safe for me to feel.

It was never safe for me to be a woman.

And then I felt shame for feeling shame because I didn’t understand why I was experiencing so much discomfort..

It was never safe for me to open my heart and body to trust, love & pleasure.

I was longing for real authentic connections, while I was so disconnected from myself - living with a closed heart, being scared of real intimacy & wearing a mask of the nice girl as my coping mechanism...

So I tried to fill the void I was feeling with work, meaningless connections or numbed myself with food...

I’d do anything to just keep myself busy so I didn't have time to stop and process my emotions.
I didn't know how to safely process the pain from my childhood so it manifested as physical pain (in my gut, my cervix& my heart), and depression.

Doesn't matter what I did.
I didn’t feel good enough...

I felt numbness in my yoni & pain in my heart..

I was attracting unavailable men who would want to take advantage of me, and I would always end up being hurt after the relationship ended.

Women who were mirroring my insecurities would express it by not very well hidden
 jealousy or even slut shaming & hatred.

I felt so burnt out & so lonely on every level. Emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Then I got into self-development books, meditation, plant medicine, and the conceptual (mind-based) approach to coaching. It was all beautiful but I was still walking on the Earth half empty and didn’t know how to fill that void...

I realized that thinking, journaling, reading and all the mindset work alone won’t get me where I wanted to be.

I had to embody everything I wanted to be.

I started studying somatics, polyvagal theory, womb healing & various embodiment modalities under the most respected teachers in the field in the world of embodiment ( from the The Somatic School, Embodiment Unlimited, Organic Intelligence) and really coming back home to my body, peeling off the layers of old traumas, and fears that were not even mine. I began the journey of descending back to my pure feminine essence & who I am at the core of my being.

I learned how to 
slow down. I no longer feel the need to chase anyone or this next thing on my "success" list to feel valuable. I now truly follow the wisdom my body has to offer.

I fell in love with my newly discovered sensuality but most importantly I began to 
feel safe in my body to explore more feelings & sensations for the very first time.

I have embodied 
boundaries & let go of relationships that weren't respectful or nourishing. (that was the hardest part) 

I truly 
opened my heart to love by releasing past heartbreaks and attachment trauma..

I let go of my inner 
nice girl & awakened the wild woman within. I am kind when I want to be kind, not because I have to "survive" 

I stopped experiencing pain in my pelvis& started experiencing
 full-body pleasure I didn’t even imagine was available to me before because I’ve finally removed everything that was stopping me from feeling it all.

From feeling all of me..

"I understood that being uncomfortable is not a bad thing as this is a part of working with your shadows. I allow myself to feel uncomfortable because I know deep down that I’m safe

I realised where my need of controlling came from. I’m working on my relationship with my mother and my inner child. 

I’m a better mother to my children. I let go of feeling like I have to constantly ‘give’. I learned how to receive too. 

I let go of shame of being a woman on so many levels, such as bleeding or receiving pleasure (..).

My favourite practice was the wild woman archetype as it allowed me to surrender, express myself without guilt and even being sensual during the birth of my daughter."

- Laura Waszkiewicz

I had the pleasure to work with Aneta. I do not know where to start to describe how thankful I am. I didn’t have the best childhood and there are some wounds that I wanted to heal. I hadn’t tried somatic coaching before so it was a new ground for me. Aneta is a very loving, caring and grounded person. During the sessions, I felt safe and that I could really open up completely. As I discover the emotions that bubbled up, I felt safe to let it out and felt guided during the time. Afterwards, it never made me feel down as normal therapy session would make me but the opposite, like something, really had released inside of me. I feel freer and that more self-love was growing inside of me. During my weeks, I have made progress and taken actions for myself, like I never had before. It just comes naturally. It’s magic! Aneta is very spot on and gave me advice, that I took to my heart for my personal growth. I’m forever grateful. She is a born healer and has so many gifts that she shares beautifully with the world. I can not recommend Aneta enough!! I really can’t!! Everyone who has the opportunity to work with her will feel blessed. Thank you for your love, guidance and skills. You’re amazing!!

-Sussie Mellstedt

I had an abortion 11 years ago, and since that time I had fear of pregnancy & therefore trust issues towards men + I felt some heaviness& blocked energy from my ex-partners, heaviness and blockage in my womb, and my yoni. This heavy dense energy & the fear of becoming pregnant again had almost stopped me from enjoying my se.x.ual intimacy to the highest potential & I never felt comfortable enough to share my story with my partners so I ended up withdrawing and it slowly created a sense of being a cold woman also in the heads of my partners as well for the last 10 years. In my first session with aneta as I felt so comfortable with the safe space she was providing we dived into that secret. It was so painful that I couldn't carry it anymore. I screamed a lot and cried a lot. I felt the fire in my womb. But it felt so good like I set this secret free like I'm setting an old bird free out of the cage. I was able to see this fear of mine but this time more like a limiting belief of mine that was stopping me from enjoying my s3xual power to the fullest and finally I was able to release it with aneta's guidance. I felt much lighter in the weeks after. I felt the healing was taking place slowly but it was too subtle to notice at first. After 2 months from the first session with aneta I started a new relationship with an amazing man but this time I felt so much more comfortable talking with my man about abortion that I had & I was wondering myself how easily I talked about it. It felt easier after I gave a voice to this secret trauma of mine. So after a month with this magical partner of mine, I was able at age of 30 to experience for the first time full body orga$m which was remarkable & when I said thanks to my partner for giving me this level of pleasure, he said: it has so much more to do with me & how much I allowed myself to go there & receive Then I realized how come I've made so much progress? And I see how potent one session can be I recommend 1000% to work with aneta & dive deep.

-Anna Hita

"Working with Anetka to reach parts of me that are waiting to be seen and felt has been just magical. Her calm and nurturing presence along with her conscious attitude to hold space has enabled me to deep-dive into my body and communicate with it on a level I haven’t experienced before. I feel safe and secure with her, as she gently guides me along my internal journey to depths that I’ve only experienced through body-oriented coaching. By the end of the session with her, I feel wow-ed by my internal discovery and more and more thankful towards my body and its teachings. Thank you, Anetka, for helping me to see and feel these otherwise forgotten parts of me.

-Jaspreet Garg